Welcome to DoesNotCompute.Info, a new tech education site for beginners and intermediates alike. It's currently undergoing construction so there's little in way of content yet, but our aim is to build a reputable and reliable source of information for modern tech and other areas of science. From here we plan to provide:

  • Factual and cited technical descriptions and explanations, especially with analogies, diagrams and even comics.
  • Jargon busters and list associated terms, distinguishing differences.
  • Articles exploring and busting myths and misconceptions.
  • Quick facts and trivia, especially obscure info not easily found online.
  • Guides or demonstrations on building computer or software systems, securing them, etc.

In the future we may also have SFW comics, parodying the ideas and misconceptions of the modern world.

Latest announcement

DNC has been launched! However it'll be some time before there'll be much more content. Ultimately we want to provide quick and easy facts, in-depth articles/blogs, insights, FAQ's and more.